5 best hiking ideas from barcelona with local transportation

Option one

Collserola Park A Picturesque Natural Retreat:
Collserola Park is a serene slice of nature, where tranquility reigns alongside the wild beauty of flora and fauna. Situated close to a variety of mountain ranges, the park offers a unique chance to revel in the natural splendor. The region becomes particularly enticing from February to March, with the onset of the 'calçots' season. Calçots are a type of long onion, traditionally cultivated in Catalonia, known for their tender taste.

Easy Access from Plaça de Catalunya:
Just a mere 15-minute train ride from Plaça de Catalunya using the local FGC service, disembark at Les Planes or any nearby stations.

Option 2

Llobregat Delta – A Natural Sanctuary Near Barcelona:
The Llobregat Delta is a unique nature reserve located just a stone's throw from Barcelona. It's a place where the Llobregat River meets the Mediterranean Sea, forging distinctive landscapes and providing a haven for a diverse array of bird species and wildlife. Famous for its scenic vistas, tranquil beaches, and rich biodiversity, the delta is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

Discover the Delta's Beauty by Bike:
To truly appreciate the Llobregat Delta's charm, consider renting a bicycle. It's a wonderful way to explore the vast expanse of the reserve at your own pace, savoring every moment. An extensive network of cycling paths weaves through the delta's most picturesque corners, allowing you to immerse yourself in its beauty and the diversity of its natural landscapes.

And There's More – Watch the Planes Fly By:
The Llobregat Delta is also where the Prat de Llobregat Airport is situated! Fancy a romantic date? Settle in comfortably, bring along some warm tea, and watch the graceful landing of a beautiful airliner! And if you stay until dusk, a stunning sunset view is guaranteed!

Option 3

Sant Miquel del Fai Monastery – A Picturesque Historic Haven in Catalonia:

Nestled in a secluded mountain area, Sant Miquel del Fai is one of the most scenic and historic sites in Catalonia. Previously inaccessible to visitors for a time, it has now, to the delight of many, reopened to the public. The site captivates tourists with its stunning views, cascading waterfalls, and historic structures, including a church, monastery, and caves carved into the rock face.

For those who relish an active getaway, Sant Miquel del Fai offers an array of trekking routes of varying difficulty. Trails lead through dense forests and remarkable rocky formations, offering stops at cascading waterfalls and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. It's a true paradise for photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Reaching Sant Miquel del Fai from Barcelona is convenient and accessible using local transport. Begin with a train ride (Rodalies R3) from Barcelona to the Balenyà-Tona-Seva or Aiguafreda stations. Visits are completely free, but be sure to reserve your visiting time in advance. Enjoy your trip!

Option 4

Manresa, a City at the Heart of Catalonia:

Manresa, centrally located in Catalonia, serves as an excellent starting point to explore the region's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. A variety of trekking routes near Manresa offer the chance to enjoy picturesque landscapes and clean air.

Additionally, on the 24th and 25th of February, Manresa transforms into the vibrant scene of a medieval festival. This event takes visitors back in time to the Middle Ages as the streets come alive with knights, jugglers, musicians, and merchants. Visitors can experience medieval markets, street performances, and even partake in ancient games and rituals. The festival is a fantastic way to have fun and gain insight into the culture and history of the region.

Getting to Manresa is convenient and straightforward: trains from Barcelona can take you to the city center in just an hour and a half. The journey is comfortable and offers an opportunity to enjoy the views of the Catalan countryside.

Option 5

Looking for a Weekend Getaway Idea? Discover Vía Verde in Olot – a unique trail offering unforgettable experiences in the heart of Catalonia's nature. Along this green route, set on an old railway line, you'll find the perfect spot for walking, cycling, or even horseback riding, all while enjoying the peace and beauty of the local landscapes.

Reaching Olot is both easy and straightforward. From Barcelona, take a bus or train to Girona, then transfer to a bus that will take you directly to Olot. This route lets you soak in the scenic views and truly embrace the spirit of rural Catalonia.

After your adventures on Via Verde in Olot, you can easily make your way to Girona. Regular bus routes connect these two cities, providing a comfortable and convenient return trip to the urban bustle, where you can continue your adventures or head home.