We organize dream holiday tours to breathtaking places of Catalonia
  • 1 day hike
    Activity Data:
    • We meet at Vivari cafe (M. Fabra i Puig) at 08:30
    • The bus takes us at 08:45 It can wait maximum of 5 minutes, so please do not be late. It will take us about 2 hours to get to the place.
    • Back to Barcelona at 20:00 approximately.
    • Total Distance of hiking : 15 km.
    • Elevation gain: 720 m.
    • Hike Difficulty level: 3/5 medium +
    • Estimated Completion Time: 5 hours in total walking + 1 hour for the lunch, besides the time to relax

    Yulia, professional mountain guide

    Group limit: no
  • 40 euros
    • certified mountain guied and his assitant
    • transportation included
    • insurance RC and rescue

    Reservation: 10 EUR before the hike.

    If you are not coming, you should write a notice at least 24 hours before, so another person can take your place.
    We are hiring a bus and paying in advance for it.

    Please be responsible at the time you sign up!

    Have more questions?
    Alexandra +34 641 428 042
If you love mountains, you probably saw or at least heard about this beauty. Two sharp peaks, towering over the whole of Catalonia, approaching which even an avid hiker takes his breath way... We have been there many times and for half a year have dreamed of showing you perhaps the most beautiful peak of Catalonia - Pedraforca.

You do not need a lot of words, just look at the photos. We will begin our ascent in a dense coniferous forest, where the air is simply ringing from its purity, we will walk along the sharp cliffs and at the end of the road we will arrive to the pass, from where the ascent to the summit begins.

This time we will not climb to the very top, but it will be a wonderful opportunity to test our strengths in order to return to these places and finally be where only birds fly. (in June will be another hard difficulty hike, reduced group, link)

This is definitely a track which you should not miss! If you are not afraid of difficulties, and the spirit of travel burns your soul, then we invite you to Pedraforca this Sunday! This mountain still did not leave anyone indifferent!!!

  • Hiking shoes,
  • Warm clothes (on the peak of the mountain there could be much colder, please take all necessary cloths with you)
  • Water 1.5 liters,
  • Food for picnic (sandwiches, fruits, etc., but not too much)